A ‘Scholar’ in Islam

I am trying to ascertain the role of clerics/scholars in the religion of Islam. Certain verses have been quoted from the Quran to legitimise their existence:

‘It is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allah. Verily, Allah is All-Mighty, Oft-Forgiving’ (35:28).
Innama yakhsha Allaha min ibadihi al ulama. Inna Allaha Azizun Ghafoorun.
The Al Ulama are mentioned here as those among God’s servants who fear Him. However, to get the complete picture we need to put this Verse in its context:
‘See you not that Allah sends down water from the sky, and We produce therewith fruits of various colours, and among mountains are streaks white and red, of varying colours and very black’ ‘And likewise of men and creatures, and cattle are of various colours. It is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allah. Allah is All-Mighty, Oft-Forgiving’ (35:27/28).
The Al Ulama here are not religious scholars but those who are proficient in the sciences of creation. The processes described in the Verses have a bearing on scientific law and not religious law. These are the learned people – Al Ulama, who would with humility venerate God’s magnificence.

‘He gives wisdom to whom He wills; and to whom He has given wisdom, is indeed given goodness in abundance. But none acknowledge except those with understanding’ (2:269).


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I have created this blog in order to bring new informed ideas with the view that it would promote an educated discourse amongst progressive British Muslims.

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